Tit For Twat: The Release Kaucyila Brooke IMAGES

November 6 – 20, 2010

Reception: Saturday, November 6, 12 – 5PM

Tit for Twat: The Release is an indirect response to the recent censorship of the work at the Bucharest Biennale in 2010. Rather than keeping it out of the public eye, the removal of Tit for Twat by The Geology Institute’s director inadvertently made it all the more pertinent to the current social climate. The work de-centers notions of innovation and origins in history, creationism, science, and material culture. Tit for Twat actively re-imagines and re-inscribes universalized systems of knowledge that go unchallenged.

Tit for Twat (1993 ongoing) addresses the biblical presumption of heterosexuality and its relationship to other theories of origins. It engages with the early 1990’s “trash TV” that assumed “if God had wanted homosexuality it would have been ‘Adam and Steve’” (or, as Brooke would add “Madam and Eve”), and explores the implications of this assumption reset to the creation myth.

Madam and Eve are interrupted and provoked amidst their own originary narrative by questions from television hosts: Oprah, Geraldo, Donahue, Sally Jessie, and others. The so-called original garden is the site of contested ground about human nature and sexuality. Tit for Twat is a three-part openly structured photomontage designed for exhibition and publication of its chapters (Madam and Eve in the Garden, Can We Talk? and It’s Not about Shame! Accessorize!).

Tit for Twat has been shown primarily at European Venues. The exhibition at Commonwealth & Council will showcase the promotional materials (posters, t-shirts, and the photo novella) to relaunch and release Tit for Twat in the United States.

Kaucyila Brooke is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her solo exhibitions include Silberkuppe, Berlin; Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Cologne; Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna; Andersen-s Contemporary, Copenhagen; NAK, Aachen, Germany; platform, Berlin; and Michael Dawson Gallery, Los Angeles. Recent group exhibitions include Kunsthalle Bergan, Norway; Centre Dàrt Passerelle, Brest, France; Galician Center for Contemporary Art, Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Munich Kunstverein, Munich; Wattis Contemporary Art, San Francisco; Museum Ludwig, Cologne; The Generali Foundation, Vienna; MUMOK, Vienna; and the Berlin Biennale 3, Berlin