A Ritual To Invite Magic Jen Smith IMAGES

Oct 13 - Oct 27, 2012

Reception: Saturday, Oct 13, 8 – 11 PM
Location: 3006 W 7th St #220 Los Angeles CA 90005
Open Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 noon – 7 PM


Quotidian Dread
Improvisation, Environment, Abstraction
Attitude, Humor, Allusion
Critical Analysis, Materiality, Sexuality
Earth Energies, Fairy Familiars, White Witches:
a ritual to invite magic.

Jen Smith is a feminist artist, musician and cook. Credited with inventing the term “Riot Grrrl,” Smith has made zines, records, cabarets, clothes, spectacles and pickles. She is more interested in the biography than the career. She received her BA in American Studies from University of Maryland, College Park, and her MFA from University of California, Irvine. She currently has a catering company in Los Angeles.