May 11 – Jun 01, 2013

Reception: Saturday, May 11, 8 – 11 PM
Location: 3006 W 7th St #220 Los Angeles CA 90005
Open Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 noon – 6 PM


On the occasion of transitioning into more of a primary residence in Parkfield, CA, with his partner, David Richards, to growingly dedicate to their residency project, “Outward Bound For Artists,” Geoff Tuck gifts a tree to Commonwealth & Council.

This transplant, once a broken limb of a tree rescued from a walk in his former neighborhood in Los Angeles, is now grafted with painted clay soil from Parkfield, street finds, and circular mirrors from Out of the Closet. These extended growths are emblematic of shared experience and time with more than 100 artists who have been outward bound since 2010. Installed in the rear stairway landing in a generative relationship with Aili Schmeltz’s Portal and Julie Tolentino’s permanent, site-specific modification, Hole, his tree continues to engage with fellow artists in its newfound home.

Other works included in the exhibition are his collection of found objects that chronicles over 20 years of looking and works on paper that introduce dirt from Parkfield mixed with acrylic paint along with found and household materials like turmeric.

About the found objects, Geoff shares this:

I glance at the ground to avoid a memory, and my eyes find things. These things are characters to me. They are special without calling attention to themselves. They are quiet. They are amazing. A few of them are things I make, but somehow this isn't cheating because they were forgotten by me. These characters and found things have been with me for a long time; in a way I owe my life to them. I used to keep them private. Then, a long time ago - or yesterday, it seems - I fell in love; and this love taught me how to have human friends, and slowly I learned to celebrate what kept me whole all those years, these things I find, my little friends.

Geoff Tuck is an artist and writer living and working in Los Angeles and Parkfield. The web address for his blog, Notes on Looking, is: