the weight of certain objects Veronique d'Entremont IMAGES

Aug 10 – Aug 31, 2013
Reception: Saturday, Aug 10, 8 – 11 PM
Location: 3006 W 7th St #220 Los Angeles CA 90005
Open Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 noon – 6 PM


Using the standard textbook illustration of the space-time grid as a starting point, Veronique d’Entremont weaves a symbolic structure of memory that, when reassembled in the middle room of Commonwealth & Council, outlines the contours of spaces and objects that are now absent.

The wall-to-wall installation of resin-coated thread titled, that nothing that fills the room, feels both empty and full as the viewer navigates through scaffolds of wooden slats that support the imagined weight and gravitational pull of absence. Much like a memory or documentation of an event, this site-specific installation tells us more about the act of reconstruction than about the original spaces and objects that shaped it.

d’Entremont’s artist’s book, So the Memory is Preserved Through Meticulous Curation, is comprised of loose-leaf, double sided reproductions of objects mined from a family archive. The selections and arrangement of this archive reconstruct her mother’s life and death, from young adulthood through the aftermath of her suicide. The exhibition, the weight of certain objects, d’Entremont considers the organization and construction of memory, mourning, and the lost object.

Born in Boston, Los Angeles-based artist Veronique d'Entremont explores and invents alternative processes for working with materials, particularly those materials that have the potential for physical transformation. Through her current work in sculpture and writing, d'Entremont seeks to better understand the ways in which we are shaped by the architectural, social, and personal spaces we inhabit, and how we continue to reshape these spaces. She received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and received her MFA from UCLA in 2012. She is the recipient of a Hoyt Scholarship, a Dondis Travel Fellowship, and a Joan Mitchell MFA grant.