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2001          California Institute for the Arts, School of Art, Valencia CA             MFA
1999          California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
1997          School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Studio Art, Boston, MA
1990          University of Vermont, Environmental Studies, Burlington, VT       BA

2018          Exchange Value, Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), Los Angeles, CA
2016          The Soul at Work, Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles, CA
2015          Chamber of Commerce, Burlington City Arts, Burlington, VT
2014          Roundhouse Shines, Clockshop/CA State Parks, Los Angeles, CA
2013          We made life here for a little while, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects Off-site, Altadena, CA
2013          Dream Home Resource Center, Armand Hammer Museum, Lobby Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013          Possessed by Glint and Dreams, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Culver City, CA
2012          A Notorious Possession, a multi-phased public art installation in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, CA 9/2012
2011          Wall Works: CART-What Do We Need to Get By and How Do We Get There? Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
2011          Poor Pension Math, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Culver City, CA
2010          Accumulation of Mondays, Project Row Houses Round #33, Houston, TX
2010          Hard Times: Owed to Studs Terkel, Rogue Wave Project, LA Louver, Venice, CA
2009          Demand Management, REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA
2008          The Unreposed, Adamski Gallery for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
2008          Great Expectations and the Wreck of the Hope, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2007          A Roof Upended, Open Satellite, Bellevue, WA
2006          Thieves Vinegar, Adamski Gallery, Aachen Germany
2004          Designated Hitters at the Spider Hole, Adamski Gallery, Aachen, Germany

2018          We, TBD, collaboration initiated by Olga Koumoundouros with John Burtle, Von Curtis, Alex Kroll, Francesca Lalane, Kristy Lovich, Jennifer Moon, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
2018          Manifesto: A Modest Proposal, Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont, CA
2017          California Pacific Triennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA
2016          S/Election: Democracy, Citizenship, Freedom, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2016          The Good Space-Carriage Gloria, collaborative performance with Gabie Strong, Commonweath & Council, Los Angeles, CA
2016-2015                   MetaModern, Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois; Champaign-Urbana, IL, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ; The De Vos Art Museum, North Michigan University, Marquette, MI; and the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinatti, OH, Orlando Art Museum, Orlando, FL, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA
2015          After Victor Papanek: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, Armory, Pasadena, CA
2014          Rock, Paper, Guns, Gun Gallery, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
2014          Spectacular Subdivision, High Desert Test Sites, Wonder Valley, CA
2014          If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution, collaboration w/ Andrea Bowers, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College, Philadelphia, PA
2014          Sunken Living Room, Franklin Street Art Center, Stamford, CT
2014          Your Shell is Made of Air; the Meaningful City, Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, CA
2013          Transformer Transamerica Roadside Sale, two week cross country performance w/ Andrea Bowers, Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, MI, Aspen Art Museum, CO
2013          Confusion is Sex, part three, curated by Dawn Kasper and Dino Dinco, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Preserve, Van Nuys, CA
2013          Painting in Place, Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), Farmers and Merchants Bank, Los Angeles, CA
2013          Transformer Display for Community Education, collaboration with Andrea Bowers, Tang Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
2012          Crescent City Opera, curated by Yuval Sharon, Atwater Crossing, Los Angeles, CA 5/2012
2011          Transformer Display for Community Education, curated by Christine Kim, Art/Public and Bass Museum, collaboration with   Andrea Bowers, Miami Beach, FL
2011          Greater LA, curated by Benjamin Godsill, Eleaonor Cayre and Joel Mesler, New York, NY
2010          Go West, curated by Jill Dawsey, Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, UT
2010          Love in a Cemetery, curated by Bob Sain, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA
2009          That’s All Folks: The Endless Clash Between Reason and Destiny”, curated by Michel Dewilde and Jerome Jacobs, Stadshallen Belfort, Bruges, Belgium
2009          Rogue Wave Projects, LA Louver, Venice, CA 7/2009
LA 2019: Cults, Collectives & Cocooning, curated by Ciara Ennis, 18th St. Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA
2008          Democracy in America, performance documentation, curated by Creative Time, Park Avenue Armory, New York, NY 
2008          News from a Mime’s Thud, performance collaboration with Rodney McMillian, curated by Creative Time and Blanton Museum of Art, Austin TX
2007          Informal Architecture, The Banff Centre - Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, AB, Canada
2007          The Secretariat, w/ Walead Beshty & Yoshua Okon, Aftermodern, San Francisco, CA
2007          On a Porch, collaborative performance w/Rodney McMillian, LAX-Art, Los Angeles, CA
2006          Capitol Punishment, collaborative project w/ Pia Ronicke, Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX,
2006          A Front Porch: Concurrent and Not Opposing, performance collaboration w/Rodney McMillian, The Suburban, Chicago IL
2005          Thing, curated by Aimee Chang, James Elaine, Chris Myles, Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2017          California Pacific Triennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA
2015          Meta-Modern, Krannart Art Museum, Champaign-Urbana, IL
2015          After Victor Papanek: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, Armory, Pasadena, CA
2014          If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution, collaboration w/ Andrea Bowers, Haverford College, PA
2014          Your Shell is Made of Air; the Meaningful City, Chapman University, CA
2013          Gold House Gone, artist’s book, Los Angeles, CA
2008          Democracy in America, curated by Nato Thompson, Creative Time, New York
2007          Informal Architecture, curated by Anthony Kiendel, Banff, Canada
2007          Ohio, curated by Brad Killam, Gahlberg Gallery, IL
2007          A Roof Upended, Open Satellite, Bellevue, WA
2007          Philosophy of Time Travel, curated by Christine Kim, Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY
2005          Thing, curated by James Elaine, Chris Myles, and Aimee Chang, Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
2004          Rent-a-Bench, curated by Jacob Fabricius, Los Angeles, CA

2018          Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant for We TBD, Human Resources, Los Angeles
2014          Center for Cultural Innovation, Investing in Artists, Artist Materials Grant
2014          Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant, for “Roundhouse Shines” Clockshop/CA State Parks, Los Angeles, CA
2012          Center for Cultural Innovation, Investing in Artists, Artistic Innovation Grant
2012          Calfund Mid-career Fellowship, California Community Foundation
2011          Foundation for Contemporary Art, Emergency Grant, “Poor Pension Math”, Susanne Vielmetter Projects,
                  Los Angeles, CA
2009          Durfee Foundation, Artists Resource for Completion Grant 2009, for “Demand Management”, REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA
2007          Creative Capital Grantee, Art Collaboration 2005, for “Philosophy of Time Travel” held at Studio Museum of Harlem

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Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA
Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY